Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spent much of yesterday reading about Couture.

As you may recall, I ordered 3 books.  I spent most of yesterday leafing through and marking outfits.  I am so enamored by these books.  Really love them.   I love the explanation (and chart) of couture vs. Luxury/high end ready to wear  -- if it was found in a store -- it's not couture! :)

The books go into the explanation of how measurements are taken and dressforms are built.  One discusses couture vs. Art -- I guess that is almost like couture vs. costume -- very elaborate but machine made dresses.

I highly recommend these books if you have an interest in fashion (if even to get at the library and thumb through to see the different designer concoctions).

Now... I'm very motivated....  I have a new idea -- I'm going to continue it using this blog...  Did you ever see the movie Julie and Julia... The woman who cooks from the Julia Child cookbook -- making every single recipe???

I remember thinking... overwhelming really...

I have an idea that I would like to pursue (later this year) -- There are reasons I have to wait, but I'm thinking come September, I'm an official "empty nester"  -- what to do.... travel? (too expensive) -- I don't want to say I've done enough travel for a life time (as it seems like a life time ago -- due to unusual circumstances, I have travelled extensively). my other choices are:  long walks on the beach, get a job (my husband may favor this one), hang around....

I've started the ball rolling and been ordering things.  I made another order yesterday...


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