Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First steps... a citrus confection series...

Ok, I finally got some time to work on some dresses.  Yes, I did say some.  I was hopping around (my head was firing ideas faster than my fingers could process them ;)

First, I needed thread.  The colors of my summer collection that I jokingly call a citrus confection series are bright, bold and very tropical.

So, I start with a plumed (yes feathered outfit) -- I'm showing the skirt from tangerine organza.  I wish the organza were silk (I have some but I'd have to dye it-- I'm lazy)

The skirt.

I started pleating the top.

Now, for a quick "look see" -- fitting.

Ok, that's it for today.  Tomorrow's post will be of yet another dress I'm working on.

This just in:  My favorite on-line fabric store is having a mega sale.......  Oh no.  I can't even get through all the fabric I already have.  I got 3 new ones when I went to go get thread....  Prices starting at $1.50 a yard???  This isn't good for me....


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