Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm working (slowly but surely)

I have a new embroidery thread.  It is iridescent white.  I thought it was funny.  One of the few things sold in the US that is made in France.

Yes, the "made in France" is out of focus.  This is just DMC floss (specialty).

I did two different stitches (A chain stitch and a straight stitch) -- when I was about 10 years old, I "took up" crewel work.  I learned a ton of stitches -- I don't remember most of them, I'm sure if I saw them, I'd remember.

I'm not that happy with either result, I may decide to do fabric paint or something stitching doesn't capture the essence of the drawing... Back to the drawing board!!  I hate when I do this, but I don't want to do all this work and then decide I didn't like it (better sooner than later).

Now what???  Oh well, it's a trial and error process.


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