Monday, March 5, 2012

Been reading a lot about couture.... Its origins, constructing it, etc.

Very interesting.  I've recently gotten a few (3) books off the web regarding Couture.  It is more of the understanding that I had of couture being made usually for a particular person as a one of a kind hand made garment.  I really find myself enjoying "fashion" much more as I mature (get older) -- I never had quite the appreciate that I now have.

I've been fortunate to actually travel to Paris and see some of the Couture houses.  (That's another story -- for another day) --But I am enamored by the fabrics and the designs.  I would LOVE to recreate some on a small scale, but I don't know if I have the talent.  According to the author of 2 of the books, if you can sew, you can sew couture... (let's hope she's right) -- I'm not a great seamstress but I'm willing to "try until I get it right".  Maybe with some patience I will eventually master this... I'm kind of conflicted, as I don't think my hand sewing is particularly neat (I remember my mom saying hand sewing should be neater than machine sewing -- It is?????)

I should have some pics by tomorrow of what I'm working on.  I needed to get the right thread.  I never seem to have the right color thread.


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