Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feathers arrived!!!

Just what I need more materials...  I wish I had more time....

These arrived last Friday from Hong Kong.

In the sunlight,  the glare caught the cellophane wrapper on the organza.  Here's a photo of the feathers indoors with flash -- you can see the iridescence of the feathers a little better, but I'm sure you've seen them before.

The "eyes" are quite pretty:

With flash:


I can't wait to get to the making of this dress, but I think it will take a while.  

I think I may want to do black velvet, heavily beaded for the top, or perhaps organza, I have some sketches...  I was thinking I could do a detachable bottom, so the dress could be a worn cocktail length or as a full gown,  I have to think about that.

It will come (It reminds me of the Zuhair dress)... It should be pretty time consuming.


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