Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where's the progress????

Although it seems glacial, I do have some progress for the week:

I've only been able to work on these for very few hours as my mom's health has been declining.  My brother arrived a couple days ago and is visiting with her... (that's a whole other story).  I am Soooo thankful she did not have to get admitted to the hospital.  We are watching her carefully and she is on antibiotics --

I can breathe a little easier.

Yellow beaded dress is getting some random beading here and there -- takes a lot of beads though...

Then there's the coral dress, it needs the finalization on the seam and a bodice...

I don't know what it is called (I call it a double blind seam) -- this is part I, then it gets folded over and hemmed.

I think it is interesting that couture clothes don't have labels???  That's why many of them say "attributed to".

And lastly,


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