Sunday, January 15, 2012

So, I had a short (unwanted) hiatus...

Life is some times complicated.  I have so many family commitments...  my mom, my kids....

I had some "free" time.  That means I was in a quiet space (a public library actually) -- Oh, the looks I got when I pulled out a naked Agnes.  She travels in her "arrival" box.  I think everyone thought it was a bottle of wine... Nope, just my doll.

I started basting the stitches so I could cut fabric, etc.  Oh, she is so lovely.  What I thought I'd finish a week ago, is still in production....

This was taken inside with a flash.  (It is an unusually dark day here.)

So, once I am finished with this, I'll snap some shots (hopefully outside) and show the original "sketch".

I've done some on line ordering.... So, when those things arrive, I'll be posting.


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