Friday, January 27, 2012

Stitch, stitch, stitch

I'm working on three things (at the moment)

The Zuhair dress, crocheting a sweater, and the dress from the mannequin.

Those mannequins work by draping fabric around them (that gets stuffed into a slot in the back) -- making them appear to be wearing a dress.

I thought, hmmm, how about if I actually make the dress.

First, I cut the fabric, then a basted a top hem, .....

Next are darts, attaching the skirt portion and then some sort of closure for the back.

Here's the first step, fabric cut and basted.

Fast forward......

darts added.  Skirt basted then sewn to bodice.

Just need some snaps and a hem and I'll be in business!

Just for fun... I don't think the fabric will hold up... A quick party dress (one time wear).


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