Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another year over... and a new one's just begun

Can't believe how quickly the years seem to fly by.  It's been a very good dolly year!  Now that things will quiet down, I'm hoping to have time to sew for Agnes.  These are my new dolls from this year....  Agnes started it all!

Agnes, pictured third from the left (in sunglasses) is a 12" porcelain ball jointed doll by Terri Abel,
Greta, in purple just left of center is also 12" porcelain and jointed and by Wee Lucky Charms, Maryna Skubenko, the remaining six dolls (are around 11.5 - 12") their head are sculpted by Andrea Meyer, Wild Flower Dolls!

Loving the dolly family.  They all fit into Agnes' backstory as she is the main character!


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