Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So, I found some fabric yesterday!

This is from my kids were little!

I'm excited.  I have a gown in mind that I'd like to attempt to make.  (I need to get to using patterns -- still haven't)

It is some kind of cheap taffeta, but I really like it!  I used to make dress up gowns for my girls when they were little 3-5.

I was thinking I want the top to be pleated -- not sure how it will turn out -- here's a rough sketch (very rough -- I can't draw to save myself)-- but it conveys the idea.

I had two bad photos to choose from (washed out by flash or too much sun)

The taffeta colors are like a wine and a midnight blue.  Follow me this week -- hope to finish by Friday (Saturday at the latest) -- I need deadlines (or stuff just doesn't happen)!


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