Thursday, January 5, 2012

My posts are somewhat spotty lately. For this I apologize

I needed to iron this fabric to see "what I'm working with".  I think I'll try one dress in the style I sketched out and then have similar/coordinating dresses -- kind of like bridesmaids....  Same color, but different style?????

I guess it is more like a prom store.  We have 10 dress styles 20 fabrics to choose from....

I missed my opportunity to photograph this during the daylight, so flash it is.  This washes out the blue making it look less midnight.

I pleated the fabric.  If I throw a belt on, you can get the idea.  (closer to the sketch).

I'll trim the back, add some snaps, attach the belt, make an under skirt and viola!  That should take me until tomorrow or Saturday!

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