Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Craziest thing just happened to me.... Paypal twilight zone.

I got home from having some ice cream.  I got an email that I had received money $180 from Paypal....
I wasn't due any money from Paypal.  I called them.  It turns out a lady had accidentally put in my email (she bought something from me earlier) -- (My item was $20)...  They had me issue her a refund...  Somehow I got panicked.  I thought she probably doesn't even know.

Then when I messaged her, I realized she had messaged me.... She must have been so freaked out ... I'm always so nervous about sending money electronically (yeah, I'm old).  I guess if worse came to worse she'd have to dispute the amount and Paypal would issue her a refund (probably would have taken a month).


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