Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Ok, I'm really sour this morning.  I woke up to an email that a doll I had sold never made it to its destination.

I sold it on Ebay.  It was shipped through the Ebay Global Shipping program.  --  What this is (for those that don't know) -- you ship the doll to a US location, the shipping company fills out the customs forms and sends it tracked to its destination.  The buyer pays for this service (it's gotta be expensive).

Now, if it isn't bad enough with the Ebay fees (even on shipping) -- to not have something turn up at its destination is a reflection on me (no matter what Ebay says). -- Their whole thing is "well, you're not responsible -- the package shows tracked to the shipping center -- that's all you are responsible for."

I feel terrible.  The buyer (was upset -- understandably) -- asking me why I didn't send via USPS (post office) -- I tried to explain that I have no control over how it's sent once I checked that box on the listing.  

Ebay, being Global, is a very efficient system -- and I pay the fees -- but there's been some grumblings about this Global shipping system and now I'm beginning to see why.


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