Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Grail doll (preparation)

I saw this "trunk" in a local store.  I decided to use it for my future grail doll.  (still saving up).

I cut out travel labels and glued them on (should have left well enough alone) -- I decided to try using a decoupage product (after the fact) -- nearly ruined it entirely.  (live and learn :) )


I got my mom to help me and we made a cushion... (of sorts).  I used a paper template to get the size right.

This is what it looked like completed:

It has batting inside it (and it is quite puffy).  It has a single piece of batting.  The outside corners are stitched and then I sewed (by machine) the interior rectangle.  This was actually harder to do than I initially thought it would be (always the case -- almost never do I say "Oh that was easier than I thought it would be").

So then I did the final fitting and it fit (I breathed a sigh of relief).  I made a template traced it onto the fabric.  Allowed for seams.  Used the tracing as the stitch lines.

I was so happy.  I showed it to my husband.  He said "looks like a coffin"......... (thanks!).


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