Monday, July 7, 2014

Scamming --Solution

I came up with a solution to a lot of the scamming that seems to be happening in the doll community. This morning, I contacted PayPal and emailed them with a "pitch" on an idea that would solve this problem.

It seems that PayPal works (for the most part) to help prevent some of the scamming.  The problem occurs when people pay for things (even with PayPal) over an extended period.  Let's say layaway (or layby) for 3 months.

You make your payments.  If at the end of the payments you don't open a dispute within a specified period (not sure if that's 30, 45 or 60 days) then you can't make a claim.  If you are within the time frame, you can only dispute the last payment that was made -- as the other payments are outside of the timeframe.

My idea -- I call -- PayPal Payments -- costs the buyer a little money (some percentage of the payment) -- but both the buyer and seller enter into a time agreement.  So, let's say in the above example, 3 months.  The money goes to the seller's account but can't be removed until the end of the time.  If the deal goes south, the buyer can make a claim on the entire amount.  If the deal goes through, the money is released.

It would solve a lot of this ridiculous scamming -- as it is now,  is up to other buyers to report these sellers.

Ok.  Steps off soapbox.


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