Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas all over!

So, instead of the usual pictures of the girls opening gifts, they have decided to model the gifts from each other....

Agnes received the Louis Vuitton* headpiece that Madonna wore a few years back... (Greta found it at a resale shop) and so she also got her a body suit and the shoulder epaulets.  (can't remember if that was lady Gaga or Madonna).  Agnes (also shopped at a thrift store and) found a great dress and a pair of shoes for Greta.

Agnes isn't sure where she going to wear this....  and Greta is definitely getting rid of the hideous ornamentation on the waist of her dress.  Agnes looks on (wondering if that dress is just too short on Greta -- it would probably look better on me she thinks).

Agnes, being Agnes, decided to try it on.  Well....  it may not have looked too much better on her (but she thought it did).

I found both outfits (in one package) -- It is from the StarDoll line... Very interesting -- fashion forward stuff.   It came with another "tote" pocketbook which is clear and reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs. There's a faux Chanel jacket I like (but I'd have to buy the doll to get it) -- these came as clothes.

*Loved Terri Gold's blog talking about Louis Vuitton's head shoe designer being inspired by his fashion dolls.  I'm not sure which doll he is pictured with.  Is that Fashion Royalty?  I'm so ignorant when it comes to the latest fashion dolls.


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