Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Dolls!!

Yesterday I received a surprise in my mailbox!  I knew they were coming but with all the hub bub surrounding Christmas, I nearly forgot.  I have been eying these dolls for a long time.  I missed getting one on EBAY just before I ordered Greta.  (So, they have been "in the works" -- or at least in the back of my mind for a while).

I have to say, photos do not do justice to these dolls.  (As I want to continue blogging, I will have to learn to take better photos).

I wanted them for my Agnes backstory.   The "problem" with most dolls that they are either pre-pubesent, teens, or young women.  What happens when you want to tell a story with older or more mature women?  There really isn't anything out there.  How many times have I seen photo stories with the "mom" looking like the same age as the teen daughters? ;)

Before I forget, the artist is Andrea Meyer.  She's very talented and does lovely work.  I also love that she has dolls of various ethnicities.  Will definitely be ordering more dolls from her!

(I forgot, the ladies on either end are in Dress Maker Details, the one in the center is in Eaki)


  1. These are wonderful dolls! I love my two! and where did you get there outfits!!! they are FAAABulous!

  2. Yes indeed. I think these are great dolls. The outfits on either side are from Dress Maker Details (out of Canada). The center one is from Eaki -- in Asia. All are very well made.