Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking back...

So, I found one of my original lists from a few months ago....

 1)  The Zuhair dress (dang dress)
  2)  Black Silk couture dress
  3)  Crazy blonde/yellow wig
  4)  Red pants
  5)  Antique lace skirt
  6)  Blue silk slip
  7)  Human hair wig
  8)  Eymeric dress
  9)  shoes
10)  leather pants off white
11)  denim cut off shorts
12)  purple lycra pants
13)  lace jacket
14)  nightie
15)  jewelry
16)  slippers
17)  alter the Volks shoes?
18)  Marie Antionette wig
19)  dread lock wig

Ad Hoc

Tutu outfit
skirt with graffiti print

I'm still working on the Cinderella carriage, the taupe dress, a leopard dress and that Zuhair dress.

GUESS WHAT???  More dollies are coming.... I'll post pictures as soon as they arrive.  I've been wanting dolls to correspond with the back story I'm writing for Agnes.  I found the perfect ones.  I was on a doll board and saw one of these beauties....  I may have to get some more even....


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