Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've promised Agnes that she won't be ignored ....

I love Agnes' proportions and I think she will always be my "special muse" --

Here she is.  This is lining fabric.  I've marked up the lining (it's for a gown)....  I've completed the "bottom" of the gown I need to work on the top but I think I may have to do that by hand and then I have to see how I will fasten it.  I wanted a zipper (but I hate putting in zippers)....

I've got a bunch of unfinished projects.... I'm still working those (too).

As far as ignoring, my other doll's progress has been faster than I thought.  I was contacted two days ago that she is complete.  I just paid my final amount yesterday.

Funny, how life is... First I'm looking everywhere for a bjd that is 12" and can share Barbie/Fashion Royalty clothes.  Very few out there.  Agnes was a lark.  I never knew if she'd fit those fashions.  She seems to be better with Poppy Parker.  Anyway, now I find out that Leigh in Maine has released a doll (yesterday-- really... the day I pay the final amount for my upcoming doll, ironic), I talked (by email) to the doll's artist for the one I'm getting I think I'll have more info about her and the doll soon-- just clearing it with her first -- I guess I will always in the market for some more dolls.  Oh, I have 3 more that I want from one artist to complete a back story for Agnes that I'm writing.  Those are amazing sculpts too.  I'm star struck -- or perhaps just doll struck.


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