Friday, May 16, 2014

Finished these ... Happy they are done!

These take way longer than they look.  Molding wool to make felt at this size is almost impossible.

It's hard to get an appreciation for them as the photos make them look like two sheets of felt sewn together to make a little slipper.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is layers of wool formed around a last making the "bootie"

The little balls are also felt.

Here's a shot from the side

Here is the bottom or sole.... no sewn seam...

Here they are on a Blythe doll:
The process takes about 4 hours.

I don't think I'll make any more of these (famous last words)


  1. They look adorable. Achieving such a nice fit as this is tricky and tiny felting even more so. Was this needle felting? Ouch! (platen)

  2. Thank you. I was making hats and I thought "oh it would be cute to have little slippers too"! Thank you for the kind comment.