Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wasn't my favorite day

I had a pretty rough day today, but when I stopped home for a break, it was so amazing to see this doll.

The more I look at her, the more I marvel.  I have quite a few dolls that I'm enthralled with, but some how, this one is just a little different.  I really wish I had her (the doll) when I used to travel...  It would have been so cool to try to sneak a photo of her inside Rue Cambon or while I waited in Gaulthier or Gucci or countless others.  It would have been like those "flat stanleys" I took so many photos of for my niece and nephew....  I think flat stanley is an American invention but perhaps our european counterparts have something similar.

Flat Stanley was a paper cut out of a man.  You would fold him up in an envelope and mail him off to different people and they would take photos (in interesting places) and with family members and mail the photo and the flat stanley back to you and at the end of the school year they would display all the photos and kids would get up and talk about the photos.

(unfortunately, with the way things are today, I probably couldn't bring the doll in the box -- and then there would be the x-raying of it everywhere.....)


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