Saturday, March 2, 2013

Slight set back

So, if it isn't enough that I have work and a sick parent, last Tuesday, I was returning late from work and was in a car accident.  Car accidents in Florida are an everyday occurrence.  Luckily no one was hurt.  The person that caused the accident claimed "the light was green".  Well that's funny, the guy you hit and sent his car into mine and I both say it was red.  

Enough drama.  I'm going to finish the first coat of the paint on the bed as I did like the final "test" side.  I can't decide whether to leave it some what "flat" or to gloss coat and seal it at the end.  I do notice that the details of the carving is being lost.  I was thinking I might use another color grey or even pink or blue and lightly rub over the white so it "clings" to the inner carvings and gives the bed more depth.

I left the deepest recesses unpainted for now, but you can sort of tell (from my kind of crappy photo) that the detail is being lost with the painting.  But I think it will be ok in the end.

perhaps a white stain for the next one.... (just kidding, don't think there will be a next one).


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