Monday, June 2, 2014

Who knew?

Got my newest doll in the mail.  She came lightening quick.  She looked so lovely (in the box).

I left her there for a couple days.

I took her out today...

(like breaking into Fort Knox)...  I think they have Barbie beat with tape and twist ties and small plastic bags.  Who knew?

I wanted to dress her in Street clothes (as the stock fashions -- the ones I have seen -- sort of lack ... well quality... )  Easy enough solve.  

But when I took her out, her hair.... (It is very thick... but has something in it???  It feels like it was dipped in something greasy??  And the doll needs a hair cut???  It is all wrangly and tangly.  The ends are all different lengths (as if they used one length of saran and did all parts of the head -- which they probably did -- then whatever length that it ended up -- presto done!

I don't want to be a complainer (but I'm going to be).  Even Barbie or any lesser priced doll can get it right.  Wake up Takara.  When the fake dolls have better hair, that's a wake up call..

I actually like this photo as she looks like she's got wet hair (it's just greasy and stringy)

I couldn't even capture the back accurately (it looks much better in the photo)


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