Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It has been sooo long!!!

Lots has been happening (however, very little on the doll front) -- My daughters are in college away from home, so "my nest is empty".  I've been busy caring for my mom... that is for the long term.

I did have the most unexpected thing happen to me a while back.  Such a kind and generous act.  One of the doll artists, Nune, sent me a surprise gift!  It is a lovely dress for my Adriana.  I was so touched.  What a sweetie.  Thank you Nune!

Of course, I could not get the right light to photograph this gem and do it any justice.  But my blog is not about the quality of the photos (as everyone knows) it is about the joy of the journey.

I love the color on her.  I tried to do something unusual, like a provocative pose, well....  didn't turn out.  Instead of looking slinky, she looked like she was crawling out of a desert.

Then, a casual side roll, looked more like landing after a fall!

Hope you get a giggle!


  1. Beautiful dress! How sweet of Nune! Adriana looks beautiful!

  2. Thank you. It is a lovely dress and Nune really is a sweetie! Bless his little dolly soul.