Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black swan, white swan? Not exactly

I've been very drawn (there is a family wedding coming up next summer) -- to the idea of a bride's gown...

That said -- I'm thinking one gown in off-white and one in BLACK...

I want to incorporate antique lace into the off-white one.

Many, many years ago I attended a wedding that the bride's maids wore black.  At first,  I thought black? really?  But it was gorgeous.  The bodice was silk velvet and the skirt was silk taffeta.  Probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended.

So, I was thinking black bride's maids... then, I thought what about bridal gowns in off-white and then one in black.  I'm sure some one has gotten married in black -- it just isn't very popular.

Here's a link:

My Popovy Sister's doll will be the muse.

I'm thinking of this for the camisole...

I will rummage through my lace to find something suitable for the bodice.

As for the black.  Took a trip to the fabric store, black mesh (5 types), black silk and black brocade, black beads, just need black buttons, and black hooks.

I want to make the back of the bodice out of a black mesh/illusion -- haven't decided style or anything else as yet...


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